Can a Nose Change with Age?

When I was in middle school (6th grade) my nose was a little wide and bulbous. But now that I am in high school, it seems a lot more narrow and sharp. My bridge also seems significantly taller. Why did my nose change? Is it possible that my nose will continue to change? I just turned 16.

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Does your nose change with age?

As we age, the skin in our face including our nose becomes thinner and over a period of years the tip of the nose "drops". Patients with naturally thinner skin (specific ethnicities) notice thinning of the skin over the nose from your 20s onwards and this can sometimes be seen with appearance of an irregular bridge or bump on the bridge of your nose. This bump may have always been present, however with thinning of the skin becomes more visible. In addition over a period of years the nasal tip attachments to the dorsum (or top of the nose) weakens and the tip starts to fall, this can be accelerated with injury and trauma to the nose. As the tip drops this may give the appearance that one is developing a bump.
With rhinoplasty the tip is lifted to a more youthful position, the bump disappears, and this can be achieved with a minor rhinoplasty, without surgery to the nasal bones, and rapid recovery. 

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Can a Nose Change with Age?

Yes, the nose changes with age.  At 16 I would expect further changes can still occur over the next couple of years that can be noticeable.  After that, the changes will occur much more slowly with too many factors to discuss in this format (for example, disease, oil production, normal nose tip growth and drooping, inflammation, and so much more)

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Nose changes with age

As we age and develop, the nose undergoes several changes. Through the teenage years, we can see changes in the shape and structure of the nose. As we get older, a loss of support causes the nasal tip to droop. Reabsorption of the mid-facial bone and tissues causes the nose to appear more projected as well.

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Nose Changes with Age

Changes in the nose are normal as that individual physically matures. Unless you are a 'late bloomer' your nose has reached it's adult size and configuration, usually by 15-16 years old for a lady. Your nose will change throughout life but this will be secondary to the normal aging process; for example, it will lengthen secondary to gravity. Most people who are 80+ years old have a longer nose than they did at your age.

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Change in shape with age

one important bit of reasearch shows that the spetum stops growing at the age of 13 in boys and 12 in girls.  based on that infor we generally do not perform full scale rhinoplasties on people younger that that unless the nose is signficantly deformed from truama or birth defect and the absence of nasal breathing is causing signifcant distruption in ones life.  but the septum is only one part of the nose.  there are not a lot of other studies that address your specific question, but it it has been my observation that subtle chagnes are always occuring in our facial features.  our appearance is dynamic, not static.  i should note that 12 or 13 may be a little young for a purely cosmetic rhinoplasty in many patients.  with a few more years comes a little more maturity and awareness of the "long term commitment" that is inherent with surgery.

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Your nose will change with age

As a subspecialist in pediatric plastic surgery, I see many kids, young and old, looking for rhinoplasty.  Doing an elective rhinoplasty younger than 15 or 16 years of age is not a good idea.  The actual structural growth of your nose halts at that point.  Your nose then plateaus in appearance for a number of years but the overlying skin will thin out.  Some ethnicities and skin types may maintain a more sebaceous or oily and thick appearance that can cause a blunt tip or decreased definition.  As you hit the fourth decade of life and beyond, your cartilage and skin begin to slowly lose elasticity and water content.  This causes weakening and drooping, usually of the tip.

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Yes, Your Nose Can Change With Age

This is likey do to the change in the skin over your nose.  During adolescence, the skin on the face may begin to change.  As the skin becomes less sebaceous and oily, it make become thinner.  Thinner skin on the nose can create the appearence of a more defined nose (the nose looking narrower and more sharp).  The nose like the rest of your body will change with age.  As you get much older, the nose will lose some support and begin to slightly droop. 


I hope this helps!

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