Nose Cartilage Dented on One Side. What to Do?

My nose was damaged in a sporting accident, and ever since then the cartilage on the left side has had a noticeable dip in it. The left side also feels softer compared to the right side, which feels harder and smoother. Whenever I touch the left side of my nose, the dip gets worse. Also recently I started having the same situation with the nasal tip on the left side. It became less pointy and gets worse when I touch it.

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Dent in nose cartilage

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An inwardly dented upper lateral cartilage has probably been fractured off the nasal bone on that side.  It will become concaved while the other side is convexed and will be evident in photographs.  A concave upper lateral cartilage is best addressed with a spreader graft made of the nasal septal cartilage.  In severe cases, onlay grafts are and/or a double spreader graft will be needed.  Osteotomies will also need to be performed only if the nasal bones are twisted.

Cartilage Dent in Nose after Trauma.

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You apparently have a structural change in your cartilage caused by the trauma. Consult with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon to discuss alternative treatments such as cartilage grafts to improve nasal support.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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