How Many IPL Treatments Does a Person Need on Average Before Seeing Results?

I had one round of ipl for some brown/red spots on my legs and it did absolutely nothing...this was at a laser spa center and not performed by a doctor...I don't even know if the person used the correct settings and/or correct laser for the type of marks on my legs..several of the marks are more reddish due to me using hydroquinone cream to get rid of brown marks scars that were left over from an eczema outbreak, the hydroquinone cream burned my skin, peeled off and left redness......

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How Many IPL Treatments Does a Person Need on Average Before Seeing Results?

Thanks for your query. It generally takes 6-8 sessions to give optimum results but it is advisable to get it done from a doctor as IPL if not used properly can burn the skin. Hope it helps.

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IPL Treatments

To get adequate care, you should consult with an experienced and expert treating physician to understand if ipl is appropriate for you. 

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IPL laser for Marks

From your brief description it doesn't sound like you are getting the correct treatment for your condition. Please consult a board certified  dermatologist for the best cosmetic advice. IPL treats sun damage on the face but only a trained physician should be performing lasers on you. Best, Dr. Green

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