Can I get IPL/PDL laser treatments over a chin implant?

I'd like to get an IPL or PDL treatment for my rosacea. However I have a chin implant. I'm worried that this will affect the healing process of the skin in that area as it's quite stretched

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Can I get IPL/PDL laser treatments over a chin implant?

Thanks for your query. It does effect a little bit as IPL generates heat which can be harmful for the implant. Hope it helps.

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IPL Photofacials And Chin & Cheek Implants

IPL Photofacials and laser procedures can be safely performed over chin and cheek implants. The implants are located much deeper than the IPL/laser targets. Best wishes with your IPL/laser treatment. I would advise choosing a cosmetic dermatology office, especially if your goal is to treat rosacea, redness, pigmentation, acne, or sun damage.

Anita Saluja, MD
Melbourne Dermatologist
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Chin Implant with IPL / Laser Treatments for Rosacea

Chin Implant with IPL / Laser Treatments for Rosacea Answer: IPL and Lasers only address the skin and will not affect a chin implant. They should help resolve your rosacea and/or redness from other causes. Please see an expert for best choices. Best, Dr. Emer 

Jason Emer, MD
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IPL with chin implant

Thank you for your question modestie. IPL is a light-based treatment to address various concerns for rejuvenation of the face and other areas. The depth that the light penetrates in the skin is very small. If I had a patient with a facial implant I would not hesitate to recommend IPL for rosacea. Please consult with a doctor for specific recommendations.  Good luck!

Alex Eshaghian, MD, PhD
Encino Physician
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IPL or PDL over chin implant

Yes, it would likely be fine. The implant is below the skin. The light energy does not penetrate below the skin in these treatments. Regarding the issue of healing, I would favor IPL as there is minimal trauma to the skin. I wonder if the redness could be caused by vascular growth from the pressure of the implant. Are you sure you have rosacea? Maybe so, but when I see vascular growth over an implant or filler I think twice about diagnosing rosacea unless there are other classic signs and symptoms.

Derek Norcom, MD
Portland Physician
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You definitely can have the V-Beam or IPL laser over the chin implant.  It should be a very effective procedure for you but please consult a specialist.  Best, Dr. Green

Michele S. Green, MD
New York Dermatologist
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Vacular laser/IPL/PDL over a chin implant

Good question. The answer is no problem. We do this all the time. These lasers don't penetrate that deep and if they did they would not cause any issue with a chin implant

Jason Pozner, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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