Eyes are swollen & I have darker circles after lower blepharoplasty. Will the color change? Will the puffiness go away?

I had lower blepharoplasty 3/3/16 and now I feel my eyes look worse than before surgery. My left eye is either swollen or puffy and both eyes are very dark. Before surgery they were not this dark and my bags didn't stand out this much. I feel it is worse than before. The ps said he removed some fat and I had darkness so the surgery wouldn't change that. Of course he didn't say this before. Will the color change and will the puffiness go away. I feel horrible

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Darkness and Puffiness after Surgery

Hello AH.  Sorry to hear about your situation.  It appears from the photos and your description that you may have some residual darkening that is caused by the bruising.  This may resolve on it's own, but we find for some medium and darker skin types that it can take an extremely long time and sometimes does not.  The condition is called hemosiderin staining and you can view before and after photos of a patient we treated for this problem at the link below.  

Outside of the color change, if the under eye area is not satisfactory for you, perhaps trying dermal fillers would help.  You can also find photos of under eye injections for eye bags, depressions or unevenness on the website as well.

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Lower blepharoplasty swelling

Hi Ant harvey,

Thanks for your question and your photos. You definitely appear swollen after your surgery and it has been almost six weeks. It seems that there is still some residual "bags" under your eyes. Some times swelling takes longer than the typical 6 weeks and may not completely resolve for up to one year after surgery. But usually by 3 months your result should be 80-90 realized. I would have a discussion with your plastic surgeon. They should be able to help you during your recovery. Arnica Montana helps with swelling. Try lymphatic massage as well. Good luck.

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Lower Lid Blepharoplasty

Dear ant harvey, If your dark circles were less before surgery as should be shown in your pre-operative photographs then you can expect them to return to the pre-surgical state after your full recovery. You are pretty far post surgery to have to much swelling left however I would continue to sleep elevated, reduce salt intake and avoid excessive heat to help the remaining swelling dissipate. See your surgeon often for peace of mind so he/she can walk you through the recovery phase. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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It is really too early to judge your final results. It typically takes about 3 months for 80% of the swelling to resolve. So for now, be patient and kind to yourself as your body heals. In terms of covering the dark circles as your body recovers, try a peach or pink toned corrector under a light reflecting concealer. It really helps. 
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