Does it hurt to have nasal packaging/tubes in the nostrils removed after rhinoplasty?

alright guys! So i just got rhinoplasty and got my hump removed, and im on day 2 of recovery. i got a tube in both of my nostrils after the surgery and i am supposed to get them off on monday and then the whole cast off thursday. i was wondering if it hurts to get the tubes out thanks guys!

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Nasal packing and splints

Nasal packing is usually not too uncomfortable to remove. Internal nasal splints may have a suture or two.  Good luck with your follow-up!

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Removing packing after a rhinoplasty

It is certainly not the most pleasurable thing but it is not that painful having the packing removed after a rhinoplasty.  Some patients want to take a pain pill before the packing is removed.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Rhinoplasty and Packing

Good News!
It's really easy and has minimal pain. Most patients of mine say it doesn't hurt at all. Many patients will have minimal discomfort and a strange pulling feeling.

Overall, packing removal after rhinoplasty is easy. Sometimes people will have minimal bleeding. Be relaxed. This stops quickly.

Remember, bruising and swelling take time to resolve. Your nose won't be perfect the first time you see it. Let healing occur and swelling resolution.

Best Wishes!
Dr. Chris Saunders

Christopher Saunders, MD
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