Should I be concerned with hole/foul smelling discharge on R breast after having textured Sientra gel implants removed. (photos)

April 2015 had Sientra textured gel implants put in. August 11, 2016 both implants were removed due to right breast being larger than the left. I have been back to see my doctor but he has assured me this hole is ok and the foul smelling discharge is not an infection. Much to my surprise as well as the doctor, the left Sientra breast implant was discovered to be ruptured when my implants were being removed. Photo is of the right breast not the left which ruptured. Should I be concerned?

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This could be

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A problem. Having the implants removed sometimes along with portions/all of the capsule needs to be performed at the same time in order for healing to happen properly. Other times the capsules can be left intact and the implants simply removed. Drains are always a game time decision and not always a must have. You need to see your surgeon to discuss prolonged healing/wound care instructions with him/her.

Explant and Foul Smell

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An exam is needed to determine the extent of the problem.   Discuss wound care with your  plastic surgeon.

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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#Explant #BreastImplantRemoval - Should I be concerned

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You would of course need to be seen in person for an appropriate assessment. But, in general, have some drainage at this point is not in and of itself a major concern...but it could be if it does not heal on its own and/or if you have systemic problems (fever, chills, sweats, etc).  If it is an ongoing process then you may, in fact, need to have a procedure that removes the capsule itself.  That, however, is not a minor procedure and I would not advise that you rush into it.  But if the drainage continues and does not abate on its own, then surgical intervention may be indicated. If you have hesitations, you can seek additional opinions.I hope that this helps and good luck,Dr. Alan EnglerMember of #RealSelf500

Foul smell

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This is most likely a problem.  It is important to have the entire capsule out as well as drains for about a week in order to heal properly.

Susan Kolb, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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