Can you tell what my breast size will be after explant by my mammogram image? (photos)

I recently had a mammogram at 34 yrs old because my doctor felt a suspicious lump which turned out to be the valve to my saline implant. My implants are 12 years old, I've breastfed 3 children & they are now bottomed out. I do not want to replace them I'm an anxious person by nature I'm sick of worrying about problems with them down the road. Can you tell from my mammogram pics just how small I'll be & if they're under the muscle? The technician commented about how I had 0 breast tissue.

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Hello I am the doctor franklin of jesus wait to be able to help with the respueta to your question

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No se puede retirar los implantes de usted, pero si ellos se deben reemplazar por unos implantes de una generación más avanzada que le ofrece una garantía de por vida con relación a la integridad del implante. Todo parece indicar que los implantes se colocaron en posición retro glandular. Para observar el tejido glandular mamario es muy escasa. . 

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