Panniculectomy vs. Tummy tuck while wanting to have children.

I'm 26, and has gastric bypass surgery in Oct 2015. I am now looking into plastic surgery. My insurance will cover a panniculectomy, due to my rashes under my belly hangover skin. I want to have kids within a year or two at most. So I am leaning towards the panniculectomy just so I can be healthier for when I want to have children. It would seem a waste to have a tummy tuck before children.

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Tummy tuck vs panniculectomy

A very important question. As a general principle I recommend patients achieve their weight loss goals as well as complete any expected pregnancies before any body contouring procedures. What separates a tummy tuck and panniculectomy is significant however I view all procedures as having a cosmetic impact in a goal of achieving the best possbile results. If you are having significant symptoms it's reasonable to proceed with the panniculectomy. If you can wait it's desirable to have the entire procedure performed in one setting. 

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Panniculectomy after bariatric surgery

You are on the right track. It would be ill advised to undergo the abdominoplasty prior to having children but the panniculectomy will remove excess skin, increase your self esteem and prevent the intertrigo.

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