Panniculectomy while still overweight?

I had a vertical sleeve done in June. My highest weight was 326, my surgery weight was 293 and i'm currently 254. I've been told a tummy tuck wouldn't be advisable because I still have 125 pounds to lose, but was wondering if a panniculectomy is possible because I still have a problem with the apron belly pulling down and throwing out my back and the rashes get painful if I forget baby powder. If it is possible now, will it affect my ability to get a tummy tuck in the future?

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Stable weight loss

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Before contemplating plastic surgery, you should have stable weight for a minimum of 6 months. It sounds like you've already lost a pretty good amount, but if you have not reached a plateau and stayed there for at least 6 months it might be better to wait until you have accomplished this goal.  A panniculectomy, however, sometimes has to be done before the weight goal has been reached if the person is very symptomatic from the heavy skin flap. Best, Dr. ALDO :)

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Panniculectomy before Tummy Tuck

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It certainly is recommended that you be at your lowest maintainable weight when you do the tummy tuck. It would be possible to do the panniculectomy before then. As long as you are still able to lose a significant amount of additional weight, the tummy tuck should still be successful.

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