Is It Normal to Have Moving Nasal Bones 6 Days After Rhinoplasty ?

It's been 6 days after my open rhinoplasty(I removed a hump and lifted my tip ) and the casts are still on .I tried to touch the cast and my nasal bones moved, it's like all my nose was moving but then he gets his initial position it normal ? I am so scared that I broke the bones .. Please help me ! How much does it take for these bones to be fix and strongbon bones

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Is It Normal to Have Moving Nasal Bones 6 Days After Rhinoplasty ?

 If the nasal bones were broken during the Rhinoplasty, then yes...the bones can be moved at 6 days post-op so be very careful not to exert force upon the nose.  This is why a wafered plastic cast is used for 1 week and we have all Rhinoplasty patients sleep on an airline pillow for 1 month in order to prevent placing pressure on the nasal bones.  

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Is It Normal to Have Moving Nasal Bones 6 Days After Rhinoplasty ?

Dear Christelle,

When your surgeon reduced the hump on the nose, he most likely cut the nasal bones at the base in order to define the nasal ridge.  Its best to leave the bones and splint alone as your surgeon put the splint on in such a way so the bones will re-solidify in the most favorable place.  If you moved the bones, tell your surgeon you did, so he can assess if he needs to re-shift the bones.

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Nasal Bones Moving

The nasal bones were likely fractured during the procedure and have not set yet or healed. My patients usually were a splint for a week for this reason. I would see your surgeon ASAP because if the bones have moved out of position your doctor may be able to re splint them in correct position for another few days. 

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