Closed Rhinoplasty Thick Skin Tip, 2 Months and 3 Weeks, Will Tip Get Smaller? (Photo)

i had a closed rhinoplasty 2 months and 3 weeks ago. Almost 3 months! The doctor just worked on the tip of my nose and a nostrils reduction. When i see my nose in the mirror it doesn't look so big, but when i take a picture it looks huge! The difference i see from my before and after photos is that the shape of the tip is not so round anymore, but it still look huge for what i expected. I know with a thick skin is hard to get better results. So, with almost 3 months my tip will get smaller?

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Closed Rhinoplasty Thick Skin Tip, 2 Months and 3 Weeks, Will Tip Get Smaller?

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Dear Javier,

You most likely still have swelling.  This can last for up to a year, and will get worse with vigorous activities and bending over, etc.  Be patient and reassess in another 6-9 months.

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Pablo Prichard, MD

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Will tip get smaller?

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After 2-3 months, you will still be experiencing swelling. The swelling can persist for up to one year after your surgery, and will be especially noticeable given one or all of the following:
1) Tip work was performed
2) Patient has thick nasal skin
3) Procedure was open
4) Procedure was a revision

Noticing that your tip is not as round is a good sign, but it important to recognize that swelling can hide your final result. Sometimes a swollen nasal tip is more obvious in pictures, and the photo angle can come into play as well. The bottom line is that your nose will improve over time, and it is important to be patient while you heal. You are correct in saying that thick skin may limit your result, but you are still early in the healing process. You can definitely expect an improvement at the 3 months period and beyond. Keep in mind that most of the swelling resolves after the 3 months period, roughly 70%. Over the course of the year, the remainder of the swelling will resolve gradually, and likely only you will notice the changes from that point forward. I would recommend keeping in touch with your surgeon, and sharing any of your concerns while you heal. I hope this helps, and good luck with the rest of your recovery.

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