Is There a Nonsurgical Way to Remove Bags from Under my Eyes?

I am 52 years old and I have bags under my eyes. One is worse than the other and I would like to know a nonsurgical way to get them to go away. I don't have any winkles and this is the only thing that gives my age away. Also being on a fixed income I would like to know how I can get rid of them the most cheapest way possiable. Can anyone advise of a nonsurgical solution?

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Non-Surgical Way to Remove Bags

The amount of fat herniation (size of the bags) will determine if there are any options other than surgery. For less prominent bags, a filler can be injected beneath the fat in order to level & blend the bag into the cheek. This should conceal the bag for about 9 months. Surgery may ultimately be required if you want a more permanent solution or if your bags are substantial. Consultation with an Oculoplastic Surgeon in person will better help to inform you of your options & treatment choice.

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Possibly, Restylane can help

If you have deep grooves below the bags, you have what are called "tear troughs." Without surgery, these can be injected with Restylane to fill in the depth of the troughs and disguise the apprerance of the bags. This treatment lastd about one year. Your best advice would be to see a plastic surgeon and ask what your options are.

Nonsurgical Correction of "Some" Lower Eyelid "Bags"

If you have a groove in the lower inner corner of your eyelid that makes you appear fatigued it may be due to a loss of soft tissue volume in your face. Sometimes the fat pad above this “tear trough” appears to be bulging but in fact it is actually a “pseudo- bag”. If Restylane, Belotero, Sculptra or autogenous fat is injected beneath the groove to elevate the “tear trough” the bulging fat pad will no longer appear like a “bag”. Juvederm should not be employed as a soft tissue filler in this area because it produces too much swelling. However, if you have a large bulge of fat then a modest reduction of that fat can be performed surgically through an incision in the lower fornix of your eyelid.

Joel E. Kopelman, MD, FACS
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Volume Lift can help in a less invasive way

The Volume Lift can be something that can help in a less invasive way.  This technique entails volumizing the face with no incisions and is done through small puncture holes that heal essentially imperceptibly.  Volumizing is the best way to hide eye bags without the hollow surgical look.

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Non-surgical vs. surgical eye bags treatment

Thank you for your question. Hard to give you an accurate answer without an evaluation and/or at least a picture of your eyes.

In some patients, usually young patients, using HA fillers under the eyes can help reduce the appearance of possible under eye bags. Many times the problem is not really bulging fat, but instead volume loss in the periorbital area that could simulate having under eye bags.

Older patients may have actual bulging of under eye fat pads. These patients are better candidates for removal or transposition of these fat pads. This can be performed with a transconjuctival approach, which although it requires surgery, it does not require a visible incision. This is good for patients without much excess skin. In reality, most patients will benefit from a formal blepharoplasty (with a small incision under the lashes) which allows the surgeon to correct more issues such as tear trough deformity, mid face descent, etc. 

Find a surgeon that specializes in cosmetic surgery of the eyelids in order to reduce the risk of having complications. This area is very delicated and additional training and expertise is needed for a good outcome.

How can I improve my puffy, tired looking, lower eyelid bags?

Lower Eyelid Bags can be caused by many different issues. Sometimes a combination of issues are contributing to the puffy, heavy look of the lower lids. Changes in skin, fluid accumulation, muscle, fat from the eye socket, and changes in the cheek and surrounding structures can all contribute. It is important to have an experienced physician evaluate your eyelids to determine all the changes that need to be addressed to achieve your goals. In many cases, in office procedures can be used to improved the shadowing and baggy appearance of the lid. I commonly use injections such as Restylane, and Voluma in combination with skin rejuvenation to improve the lower eyelids without surgery.

Jeffrey M. Joseph, MD
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Non-Surgical treatments often not long lasting.

Thank you for your questions. Eye bags are caused by structural deformity of the fat around the orbit. When fat herniates through the membrane of the orbit, it creates unsightly eyebags. By far, the best treatment is surgery. Dermal fillers can help if the deformity is mild, but these dont last and the deformities come back. If cost is a problem, I would recommend doing nothing until you save the funds for surgery. As with most things, the cheapest method is not often the best. Best of luck to you! Dr. Pacella

Non surgical way to remove Bags

There is no non surgical way to permanently remove bags from under the eyes that is reliable and safe. As physicians we are always looking for the least invasive, safest way to treat our patients, no matter the problem. Typically as we age we lose elasticity and gain fat. That leads to facial features that we don't want. You need to treat the problem that is causing the bulges (remove fat and tighten sagging lids). 

Dr. J

A. Dean Jabs M.D., Ph.D.
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Nonsurgical treatment for lower eye bags

I am not aware of any way to actually remove the fat from the eyelid without surgery.  However, the eyelid bag can be camouflaged by using a filler and filling the area around the bag to lessen the shadow which makes it so apparent.  Sometimes, resurfacing the skin, which allows the skin to tighten, can help lessen the eyelid but this does have some downtime.

Mike Majmundar, MD
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Non-surgical treatment to remove under eye bags

 The lower lids have 3 small fatty deposits located underneath the lower lid skin and muscle. It is important to make sure all allergies are under control, there's no thyroid issues present, and you have tried a low-salt diet. We do not recommend fillers placed around the fatty deposits, but surgical removal once the above medical reasons have been ruled out.  Lower eyelid bag removal it is really a surgical  procedure. To remove the bags, a trans-conjunctival approach with the incision placed on the inside of the lower lids is performed. If any excess skin is present , then an external incision at the lash line is used to perform a pinch technique and that incision was closed with tissue glue. For many examples, please see the link below to our eyelid photo  gallery

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