Should I have my implants removed due to constant clicking and crunching noises in my jaw? Is this causing more bone loss?

Everyone is talking about infection, gum disease/recession...what about constant clicking and crunching noises in the implant areas after 6 months into a year now. Radio graphs looked good, said i had enough bone, but this bone/metal/crunchly noise is driving me insane and causes pain at times. Should I have them removed? Ive already had 9 years of bone loss, plus this procedure due to having lower bicuspids pulled. Now 28, shouldnt be dealing with this.... :(

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Dental implants and jaw clicking

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If your jaw started making sounds after you had dental implants placed, then you should have your dentist check to make sure that your bite is properly balanced.
One of the most common reasons that the jaw will make sounds and/or give discomfort is because bite and balances are causing strain on the muscles that support the job as well as the cushion that sits between the upper and lower jaw bones. Based on your description, there does not appear to be any reason to consider removing your dental implants.

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Constant Clicking and Crunching in the Jaws

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The clicking and crunching is probably coming from a TMJoint (TMJ) problem.  The pain may be either from the joint or from the soft tissues including muscles.

This may be due to occlusal issues or problems with your bite.

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Jaw clicking

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there is no relation between bone loss and clicking. its because of faulty prosthesis/ occlusal plane. but difficult to say anything without seeing yr case. its my advice to visit prosthodontist.

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