Can the two front teeth on a permanent upper dental denture be lengthened?

Just had all of my teeth removed and an upper all on six and lower all on six placed last Thursday the two front teeth on the upper our way to short look terrible can't talk right can these two front teeth be lengthened with the material without having to be unscrewed which would obviously jeopardize the healing process at the implants

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Making esthetic changes to a dental implant restoration

From your description, it sounds like this restoration was placed immediately at the time of implant placement.
Assuming this is correct, the denture you are currently wearing will be replaced with a more permanent one in approximately 9 to 12 months.
It is possible that the teeth are the correct length however the restoration just needs to be reset on to the implants at a different position. This can be a relatively easy fix for the problem that you describe.

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Can 2 teeth on denture be lengthened?

Sounds like you have had an all on 6 screwed denture placed. This is typically a temporary denture. Yes, you can have the upper 2 teeth lengthened with bonded composite without taking the denture out of your mouth. Your dentist should be able to make modifications of your final denture based on the challenges you are experiencing with your temporary denture. Good luck!

Front Teeth

Usually in your type of scenario the teeth are made of plastic. If this is indeed the case, they can be lengthened to make them look better by adding more plastic or by adding bonding material to the teeth. This can be done without having to remove the denture. Not all dentists do it, but it can be done.  

All on six, lengthening front teeth


The teeth can not be lenghtened without removing the denture.  Since you just received the denture I would not suggest removing it at this point.  However, in the final prosthesis this can be taken care of.


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Short upper teeth

If you just had the denture and implants placed this is probably a temporary denture. In the final prosthesis the teeth can be lengthened. If the denture was placed last week you should have a follow up appointment soon. Let the dentist know how you feel about the aesthetic appearance. You will need to remove the denture to replace the teeth. 

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