Why can't I taste, smell, or easily breath after a rhino/septoplasty?

Hi! A week ago I got a rhino/septoplasty, as well work on my turbinates. I got my splints and some sutures taken out yesterday and I thought I would finally be able to taste, smell and breath again; however, that wasn't the case...Though I am able to breath and taste a little better than with my splints in, I'm scared I will never regain these senses. At night I breath from my nose, but during the day its too hard for me so I breath with my mouth. Will I ever be able to taste/smell again???

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Internal Swelling and Smell/Taste

this is a very common question immediately after surgery.  This is almost always temporary and is due to the swelling inside the nose.  The swelling normally takes weeks to months to resolve.  Follow up with your surgeon regularly to make sure it does, but don't despair, it most likely will be fine.
I hope this helps, and I wish you all the best!

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Post Septorhinoplasty Questions

Dear jxde1995, i would bring up your concerns to your surgeon he/she will know best where you are in the recovery phase and will be able to perform an intra-nasal examination and answer your concerns. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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Taste and smelling

Thank you for the question and you are still early post op so it is not unusual to still be swollen making it difficult to smell and breathe.  That said express your concerns to your surgeon as he knows what he did and where you should be at in your recovery.
Dr. Corbin

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