Having Revision with Same Surgeon That Did Primary Rhino, Now 15 Months PostOp, Dr Says Soft Tissues Are Masking Result? (photo)

My surgeon says that He is not removing anything from tip, he will only rotate the nasal tip cartilages & attach them with non absorbable sutures to the dorsum of the nose.He said my soft tissues are masking the nose & that it will be hard to narrow my nose from the front because of this. Is this true? Should my surgeon also trim the cartilage in my tip aswell as use the suture technique? I feel like the suture technique will not be enough to deproject & shorten my nose significantly.

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Narrowing the Tip

Before having a revision rhinoplasty, make sure there is nothing else about your nose that concerns you, and that swelling is completely resolved. A spanning suture may help but usually will not bring a dramatic change by itself.

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