After 2 Rhinoplasties, Can Nasal Be Outfractured to Give Me More Width?

I had a revision surgery and my doctor narrowed my nasal bones too much. The narrow bones do not match the rest of the nose and the nose itself does not match my face. It is also causing breathing issues because it seems the cartilage on the sides are also gone. My nose sinks in on the sides when I breathe in. What can be done to fix this and how long do I have to wait? Since my bones were broken 2 times, is it safe to break them again? Can they be widened?

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After 2 rhinoplasties, can the nasal bones be fractured again to give more width?

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Hello, and sorry to hear about the result you experienced following your procedure. A revision rhinoplasty can help improve the condition of your nose. Your bones can be broken again, but it is important you are in the hands of an expert. I would recommend a consult with a board certified revision rhinoplasty specialist who has a great deal of experience. He/she will be able to examine your nose in person and provide you with advice. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck.

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Narrowed noses can be made wider and the airway supported as well

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There are a number of techniques that we can use to widen nasal bones. By "out-fracturing" the bones they can be made wider. They can be held out by what are called spreader grafts. These same grafts can also support the airway. Of course this is just one technique. The specific technique you may need may differ depending on a personal examination.

Other possibilites include grafts called butterfly grafts and even onlay grafts

Steven J. Pearlman, MD
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More Width Following a Rhinoplasty is Possible

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It is likely, given your description, that further surgery could be performed to correct some of your issues. It sounds like your issue is not primarily a bony problem just solved by re-fracturing the nasal bones, but rather involves the cartilage. It sounds as if cartilage grafts may be needed. An appointment with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon should be your next step.

Michael R. Menachof, MD
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Narrow nose following two rhinos

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Photos would be helpful.


but to answer your question.


it the answer is "likely"


it depends on what shape the bone is in.


nasal bones generally heal with what is called a fibrous union. That means they don’t heal with the formation of bone but instead with a softer scar.


If the two osteotomies were in the same place the bone will be one larger piece that will be more amenable to repositioning. I should note that spreader grafts will be needed.


On the other hand if the two prior osteotomies were in different locations - the bone might not have enough integrity to attempt being moved with another osteotomy. In that case a thin, laterally placed only graft may help




Good luck and keep in mind flights from NYC to Austin are relatively inexpensive


Adam Bryce Weinfeld, MD
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Changing Position of Nasal Bones

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The nasal bones can be outfracted but if you do have collapse of the nasal walls when breathing spreader grafts may be necessary to stabilize the cartilages below the bones.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinopalsty revisions

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Performing multiple revisions on the nose is not a good thing. Out fracturing of the nasal bones should be possible.  As for breathing issues, this needs to be evaluated in person.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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