Ultrasound procedure for eye bags removed too much fat from under eyes - 37 year old male. Any suggestions?

I recently received an ultrasound procedure to remove my inherited eyebags. It was noninvasive and took 30 mins. After the swelling subsided in a week, both sides looked sunken. It's now 6 weeks post the procedure...the hollowness has improved a bit...they feel fuller in the morning, but less full throughout the day. I wonder if the hollowness will improve with more time or whether I need fillers. The doctor claims that I need to give it 3 months for final results, which he didn't tell me before

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Too much fat removed

I am not sure how much the hollowness can improve with time.  If you're still not happy with the outcome of your procedure at 3 months post treatment, often fillers such as Restylane can be helpful and give support to the lower lid and revolumize that area. 

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Eyelid Surgery

Thank you for your question. With each patient being unique, recoveries vary from patient to patient. Some patients may need 3 months for final results. I suggest that you continue to keep your board certified facial plastic surgeon updated on your recovery progress and remain patient. Best wishes,

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