Can my surgical scar be shorten by vertical cut following horizontal serial excision? (photo)

Hallo, i had surgery on the back of my neck which left me with this almost 1 inch scar. I have stich tracks above and beyond the scar. My surgeon wants to do horizontal serial excision, in order to get rid of the stich tracks. My idea now is, to do first a vertical excision, in order to shorten the length of the scar. It would look like a cross scar first, but with the horizontal serial excision afterwards, the new scar and the stich tracks should be gone. Is this realistic? Thank you for

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Scar revision neck

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You would be better having it re-excised/revised in its current orientation as it follows the neck lines.  I am concerned about the conversion to a horizontal incision as it goes across neck lines and may end up being wide again.  Never be afraid to get a second opinion.
Good luck,Dr. Luong

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Scar revision

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Scar revision should be performed consistent with the lines of tension, not against them.  What is your surgical goal? If to improve the scar itself, then the surgery to be planned would differ from one to remove the track marks.

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