What to expect after chin reduction?

I had chin reduction 2 days ago by incision under chin then shaving of the bone. I am unable to smile evenly or talk properly as half my mouth wont move properly. Is this to be expected?

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Initial healing from chin reduction

It is very common during the initial phases of chin surgery recovery to experience asymmetry or weakness in the nearby muscles and/or numbness. This is often due to associated swelling. It may also reflect an injury to nerves but these are almost always temporary. Keep a positive attitude and follow up regularly with your surgeon to ensure all is well. Good luck!

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Chin Surgery

Thank you for your question.  If you are only 2 days post op, what you describe is normal.  You will regain proper feeling and function slowly over the next few weeks.  With chin augmentation and reduction you can experience a crooked smile/numbness/funny speech etc. for up to 12 weeks post op.  Good luck with your recovery.

Jeffrey Nelson, MD
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