My nipple is black after a breast lift revision. Any suggestions? (photos)

At my 3 day post op my right areola looked black. THe Dr said it was just alot of bruising and didnt seem worried. Monday it was all flat and black. The attendee said nothing to worry about its normal as long as there was no yellow discharge Tues I the areola looks like is separating from the breast and the dark black hard area seems to be peeling off the rest of the areola underneath. I see him today

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Concerns after surgery

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You are doing the right thing keeping In Close communication with your surgeon. I suspect you will need some topical antibiotic ointments now to allow the dark scabbed area to separate and to see what remains viable underneath. It is so hard to diagnose exactly from these pictures, but the key now is tender gentle care of this area, keeping it clean an allow anything that isn't viable to separate. It may end up 100% fine or you may lose some tissue, regardless keep seeing your doctor and make sure you are comfortable with the answers to your questions. I do hope this helps!

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Nipple Necrosis after your breast surgery

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The photo you posted is very concerning. It appears to be necrosis of your nipple. See you surgeon immediately and I agree with my colleague that if he/she still does not seem alarmed, seek a second another doctor right away. 

Breast Lift Revision : Nipple Problems

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It is not the color we want to see after surgery. It could be bruising and that is what we hope. But, it can also be necrosis of tissue. This means the tissue has lost it's blood supply, and some of the tissue is dying.

This long after surgery you need to keep in close contact with your doctor.

I would recommend topical antibiotic ointment, oral antibiotics, and nitopaste cream. The antibiotics will minimize the chance of an infection happening in addition to what already is going on. The nitopaste will help with venous dilution and can help with improved blood flow.

Keep in close contact with your doctor.
I hope all works out well!

Dr. Chris Saunders

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Black nipple

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Go back asap and see your doctor. If he still says it is bruising seek a second opinion. If you were my patient, I would be worried about the fate of that nipple.

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
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