How long do I need to wear a binder after tummy tuck without muscle repair? (photo)

Hello Doctors. I'm at week 3 post-op of a tummy tuck without muscle repair. In addition, I had some minor lipo to the abdomen and flanks. I just had my week 3 checkup and I'm not due for another one until week 6, so hoping the experts can answer two quick questions for me: (1) How long do I need to wear the abdominal binder for to see the best results? (2) How long will it take until I can stand up straight (I'm 6'1")? I've attached a photo of my progress so far.

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Hello and thank you for your question. Every surgeon differs in the length of time they recommend using your abdominal binder. I would consult with your surgeon. I typically encourage my patients to wear a binder for 6-8 weeks. Standing up straight will depend on your comfort level and your doctors wishes. 

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