At-home IPL on Indian skin? (Photo)

Hi, I would like to buy an IPL hair removal device due to the constrictive price of professional treatments. I have done some research into devices and plan on buying a high-end on such as the Phillips Lumea or Braun SilkEffect. I am aware that these devices work well on light skin and dark hair. Although I have dark hair, my skin is not light, although it is not dark either. Please advise whether IPL machines will be effective on my skin tone.

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At home IPL

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In my experience that at home IPL and laser hair removal treatments do not work. Having a darker skin tone you are at greater risk for hyperpigmentation as well as hypopigmentation. It's best to find a trained professional and not risk permanent damage to your skin. Look for the Venus Versa. It's a great new laser hair reduction system that is safe for most skin tones.

At home IPL

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Thank you for your question my30. IPL is a light-based treatment to address various concerns for rejuvenation of the face and other areas. It can be used for hair removal. There are now a number of at-home devices. The efficacy of these device is poor in my experience. It is also important to have a treatment that is safe for a person's skin type. With professional devices various settings can be adjusted to make it safe for darker skin. While I understand the investment may be lower, I do not recommend at home devices for hair removal. Please consult with a doctor for specific recommendations.  Good luck!

IPL is a photofacial -- get Fraxel with Microneedling or combine with IPL and microneedling/PRP

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IPL rarely works with at home devics. I like fraxel for off the face treatment and for all skin types.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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