I have experienced bruising in the groin several days after gynecomastia surgery. Is this anything to be concerned about?(photo)

Had gynecomastia surgery 7 days ago. Recovery is going well and have been wearing compression 24/7. On about day 5 post-op there started to be bruising appearing on the left side of my groin and I took this pic. Over the last 2 days the bruising has increased in size (9cm x 6cm now) and now some bruising has appeared at the same spot on my right side and a little bit on the scrotum. This is not swollen or painful. I assume fluid has just made its way down there, but is this concerning? Thx!

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Bruising after gynecomastia surgery

The bruising will probably not amount to anything significant, but that is a very long way for blood to trickle down if the only area of surgery was your chest.  I would suggest visiting or calling your plastic surgeon to get his or her opinion on the matter.  It's possible that something else (your garment, a strap from the operating table, etc) may be responsible for the new bruising, and your surgeon would be the best one to sort this out.  

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