Which antibiotics are prescribed when rib cartilage is harvested for Revision Rhinoplasty?

I need a revision rhinoplasty and was told that they would need to harvest cartilage from my rib area. My problem is that cannot take any antibiotic in the fluoroquinolone family (examples: Cipro, Levoflaxin, Ofloxacin, Mosifloxacin, etc.) nor can I take Cefdinir because I have ulcerative colitis. I might be able to apply a fluoroquinolone antibiotic topically, though. What other antibiotics are usually prescribed if rib cartilage is harvested?

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Rib cartilage

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Some surgeons will use extended antibiotics after grafting. This may include a cephalosporin if you do not have an  allergy.  But there are several choices.


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The rib cartilage donor site considered a 'clean' surgical site and is remote from the 'clean contaminated' or 'contaminated' operative nasal site

The harvest is generally done bloodlessly, nontraumatically and expediciously.... as such, only a prophylactic dose of antibiotic effective against common skin organisms is needed at the time of surgery for the rib site.... some surgeons extend the antibiotics into the post op period to cover the nasal surgery (especially when grafting is done)... there are a WIDE array of antibiotics effective for this purpose so staying away from a few classes shouldn't be a problem for you

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