Is It Normal for Ears to Move Slightly After Otoplasty?

I had an otoplasty procedure done a few weeks ago and have been wearing a wide, soft headband since having the dressings removed. Right now I only have to wear it at night but I still wear it at times throughout the day. Since having the dressings removed, I've noticed that the ears appear further back as soon as I take off the headband, but after 15-20 minutes they seem to come forward a little bit. Is this normal? Could I wear the headband tighter/for longer to achieve a further back look?

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Otoplasty: Postoperative Expectations

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Thanks for this interesting question.

It is normal for the ear to come out a bit after otoplasty.  


The purpose of the handband is to stabilize the ear position and support the healing process.   It should not be tight and hurt the delicate nature of the healing ear.


The position of your ears with the handband off is the most likely place your ears want to heal based on the operation which was performed.  Actually, ears do not look normal or attractive if too close to the head.


Hope this helps!


Dr. Bresnick

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Ears Changes After Otoplasty

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Typically after otoplasty, patients wear a headband during the first week and then for the next six weeks after that at night.  The purpose of the headband is to stabilize and protect the ears during the healing process.  The headband also encourages scarring to occur closer to the head as well.  Ultimately, the final shape of the ears is dependent on both technical aspects used by the surgeon in concert with good postoperative compliance by the patient.  Speak to your surgeon about any other specifics.

Anil R. Shah, MD
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Ear Position after Otoplasty?

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Thank you for the question.

What you are describing is perfectly “normal” after otoplasty surgery. In other words, it is normal for the ears to come forward a little bit after the headband is removed. Wearing a headband tighter will not lead to a further setback look.

 I hope this helps.

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