Can I have a tubal after having a TT?

I'm now 8 months post op TT and I'm wanting to know if I'm able to have a tubal. I have permenent sutures in my stomach holding my muscle tight together, both my plastic surgeon and my OBGYN say that everything will be ok with having a tubal but I'm freaking out because I'm afraid that my OBGYN will mess up my sutures. And I'm also afraid that by them having to basically blow my stomach up for the tubal that it could also mess up my TT. I really need some answers or some more info on having this done.

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Tubal ligation after tummy tuck

A tubal ligation is typically done through small incisions and should not cause significant changes to your abdomen.  Your existing belly button scar will likely be utilized.  Discuss the specific incision locations with your GYN surgeon.  Best wishes to you!

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Tubal ligation after abdominoplasty

You should do very well.  It is not uncommon to have this done after abdominoplasty and most if not all OB's are very capable of doing the procedure without disrupting the repair.  

Thomas A. Pane, MD
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Tubal after tummy tuck


You should be fine at 8 months out to have this procedure. If you feel comfortable with your OBGYN, then you should be okay to go forward with the procedure.

All the best,

Dr. Blagg

Austin, TX

Ross Blagg, MD
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Tubal surgery after tummy tuck

Thanks for your inquiry and I think you have gotten sound advice and counsel from your OB and plastic surgeon.  I have attached a link to which is the NIH database of the medical literature.  You will be able to find articles that my better answer your question.  In my own experience, I have seen patients successfully have elective, planned, and emergent abdominal surgery without consequence to the abdominoplasty result. 

Vishnu Rumalla, MD
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Can I have a tubal after having a TT?

Thank you for sharing your excellent question.  I can understand your apprehension but 8 months after your TT your stomach muscles have healed sufficiently that even an injury to your suture should not cause any change in your stomach appearance.  As for the air in your stomach placed during a tubal, it will also not impact your results as it is only for a brief period of time. Hope this helps. 

Nelson Castillo, MD
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Tubal after tummy tuck

thank you for your question. There is no reason to think that having a tubal ligation after your tummy tuck will compromise the results of your abdominoplasty at all. Best of luck. 

James Shoukas, MD
Lake Mary Plastic Surgeon
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Can I have a tubal after having a tummy tuck?

Yes, you will be able to undergo tubal ligation without "messing up" your tummy tuck procedure.  Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Thank you so much for your question. It is very unlikely that anything like what you have described will actually happen with your tubal ligation. However, if you're that concerned you should speak to your OB about alternative methods of permanent contraception like Essure which is done without abdominal surgery and in the office. Good luck, 

Dr. ALDO :)

Aldo Guerra, MD
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