Could I have ruptured a internal suture?

I'm 4 week post op from a tummy tuck, about to 2 weeks ago I strained my stomach muscles and had a bugle on my left side near. I asked my PS about it, he stated that it would resolve on its owe. However I noticed that it's getting worse when it comes to pain. Im worried I may have ruptured a internal stucture. From reading about this it looks as though the only way to fix this is to have surgery. If I didn't want too would I continue to have this pain?

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Could I have ruptured an internal suture?

Thank you for sharing your question and I am sorry to hear of your stomach strain.  If your muscle repair suture had torn, pain is usually located over the middle of the stomach running somewhere from your breastbone down towards your pelvis.  With the development of a bulge and worsening pain I would be concerned for the development of a discrete fluid collection, such as a seroma or hematoma.  See your surgeon for an evaluation, they may have access to an ultrasound that can help identify the cause of your discomfort.  Hope this helps

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Pain and fullness

You would have to be seen in person. If a suture of your plication tore the soreness often goes away after a few days.  Are you sure it is not something else like fluid?

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Abdominoplasty Post Op question

After abdominoplasty surgery, it  is a little unusual to have a bulge on the side rather in the midline. The rectus muscle is plicated in the midline with sutures. If a suture breaks, it potentially can lead to a midline bulge. Please consult your plastic surgeon. 

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Could I have ruptured a internal suture?

I am sorry to hear about the problem you are experiencing.   Generally, the abdominal wall re approximation done during tummy tuck surgery is quite secure but disruption can occur.  This disruption may be associated with discomfort and/or a change in the patient's physical examination.  Your plastic surgeon will be your best resource when comes to providing you with a diagnosis, advice, and/or meaningful reassurance.   Best wishes.

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