Rhinoplasty and anemic! Can I still get my procedure?

I'm a little anemic but I'm looking to get a rhinoplasty can I still get done? Right now i don't know exactly how low my iron is.

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Rhinoplasty and anemia

There are many  different types of anemia, so it best to get clearance by her primary care physician or a hematologist. In addition, there are varying degrees of anemia. As long as your blood counts are within normal limits, it should be acceptable to undergo a rhinoplasty procedure. 

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Rhinoplasty in Anemic Patient

I always order a blood count in every patient before rhinoplasty surgery. It is very rare that a mild anemia will interfere with the operation. If there is any doubt I will consult with the patient's general physician.

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Can You have Rhinoplasty Surgery if you are Anemic?

Typically anemia should not prevent you from having rhinoplasty surgery.  It will depend on the severity and type of anemia you have along with the cause.  The amount of blood loss during rhinoplasty surgery is typically not significant enough to cause a drop in your blood counts, and perioperative supplementation can be of benefit.  A preoperative medical clearance from your primary care physician may be required.  Rhinoplasty can be performed in patients with mild anemia as long as appropriate measures are taken to ensure patient safety.  Best Regards

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Anemia and Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is not a procedure with major blood loss, so it shouldn't pose much danger.  However, it is very important that you work with your PCP to find the cause of your anemia and correct it.  For many women the cause is iron deficiency, which can be corrected with supplements.  However, there are other causes of anemia such as chronic autoimmune disease, genetic disorders that may pose a problem down the line. 

To be safe, get an appointment with your PCP to review your bloodwork before the surgery

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Rhinoplasty and anemia

  • Typically, blood loss during rhinoplasty is minimal.  If you have mild anemia, this may not be a factor at all.  However, if you are severely anemic, a work up to search for the cause of anemia should probably be done.  Discuss this with your internist and your surgeon to set their ideas, as well. 

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Having Rhinoplasty With Anemia

This typically is not a problem, as the amount of blood loss for a rhinoplasty is not significant.  Your surgeon may ask you to get a clearance from your primary care physician prior to undergoing the procedure.  Remember that this is an elective procedure, so going about it in the safest way possible is always best.

Good Luck!

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