What is causing this redness around front of ear? (photos)

Post op day 10. This looked worse on Post op 7..so an improvement. Using compression garment as ps instructed. No ice anymore, never used warm compression. I am really banged up! Going to get more stitches out on Tuesday, which will be day 12. Seems like I am slow to heal. ;(

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I am not sure if there is evidence of hematoma and infection.

It is very difficult to diagnose problems from just photos. I need to palpate the area to make sure there is no evidence of hematoma (large collection of blood under the skin), and if the area is warm to touch with clear or yellowish discharge (sings of infection). There is one small area of concern on the photos that it seems there is some signs of skin damage.  

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Causes of redness after a facelift

  1. infection
  2. post-surgical hyperemia - increased blood flow to the skin
  3. allergic reaction to medications

  4. You photos suggest #2, but cannot rule out #1 so return to your physician ASAP.

Robert M. Freund, MD
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What is causing redness in front of ears?

Follow up with your Plastic Surgeon to rule out infection.  Warm compresses should help at this stage.  Best wishes!

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
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What is causing redness in front of ears?

It is apparent from your photographs that there is some bruising that is resolving. It is possible there is a  slight infection of the flap in front of the ear. You should have your face evaluated by your surgeon.

Suzanne Kim Doud Galli, MD, PhD, FACS
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