How long lasting are results from Precision TX on the neck and jowls?

I am 57 and am trying to decide on a lower face/neck lift or Precision TX treatment. I had a full face lift over 6 years ago that I was happy with, but aging continues and I want to do something about the sagging skin on my neck and jowel areas. I like the idea of rebuilding collagen but I wonder if the neck/lower face lift might be more long lasting.

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Tightening the skin of the face

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Most of the non invasive techniques will work some of the time and to a certain degree. Usually about 25% may get some improvement. I would recommend some fillers which could hold things over till you are ready for a tightening procedure again along with some skin care, peels which will increase the thickness of the skin and have a tightening effect. You could add non ablative lasers if you also wanted to. Most facelifts last 8-10 years.

Nonsurgical Lower Face Rejuvenation Is A Viable Alternative To Surgery For Mild To Moderate Sagging & Jowls

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Unfortunately, the aesthetic results of lasers (including fraxel lasers), radiofrequency treatments, infrared light, and ultrasound devices have proved more device manufacturer backed marketing hype than hard science, and I would agree with the advice that they are not worth the time, the money or the attendant discomfort and downtime.

Without a photo, I can only comment in general terms. But for someone wishing to avoid the pain, healing and expense of lower face and necklift surgery, several,completely nonsurgical options are available for treating jowls, sagging, neck cords and crepeyness of the neck. Each of these nonsurgical procedures can be performed in about ten minutes, typically evoke an immediate  "Wow!" response, and engender little or no downtime.

For straightening a jowly jawline and secondarily improving the upper neck, a nonsurgical jawline augmentation with a volumizing filler would be in order. This might be accompanied, when necessary, with a nonsurgical chin augmentation and, if further jaw straightening is deemed necessary, supplemented by a "Nefertiti Lift" using a neuromodulator, such as Botox.

If the neck still requires further improvement for cords, laxity and creypeyness, The Nonsurgical 3D Vectoring Necklift can be added.

Precisely which volumizers and fillers may be needed for each task is best determined at the time of initial consultation. The individual treatments may be performed at separate sessions, although many of my patients, to save time, opt to have all done in the same treatment session. 

For more detailed discussions of each of the techniques mentioned above, check out the archives of And, of course, for an optimal outcome, be sure to consult a board certified aesthetic core physician with experience and expertise in performing all of the above.

Facelift for aging neck, sagging skin and jowls

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A comprehensive lower face and neck lift addresses more than just skin tightening. The aging process involves development of inelasticity of the skin in the face and neck, fatty deposits develop in the neck above and below the platysma muscle and the platysma muscle itself shortens, fibrosis and contracts and creates bands due to the aging process. A properly performed lower face/neck lift will involve tightening up facial and neck muscles, tightening up facial and neck inelastic skin, and removal of fatty deposits in the neck. For many examples, please see the link below.

The Lasting Effects of a Facelift

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On average the surgical #results last between 4 and 7 years. However, people vary so much from one another, an exact time is difficult to provide. If you wish, you may repeat the procedure at that time. There is always an improvement compared to not having the procedure as the #aging process continues to progress throughout the future. Patients, with very loose skin will occasionally experience #sagging earlier and it may be seen as soon as oneĀ  year later. Such may require a secondary procedure to tighten the loose skin.

Precision TX Skin Tightening

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This is a wonderful question! The surgical approach of a lower face/neck lift is always the absolute when discussing the correction of loose and saggy skin in the neck and jowl area although depending on the severity a surgical approach may be a little too invasive. For minimal tightening I have found the Precision TX to be a wonderful option for my patients. I typically will perform this tightening procedure on my facelift patients who are 6-8 years out from their original surgery resulting in a beautifully refreshed and rejuvenating result. This is dependent on the patient need of course. Precision TX offers a minimally invasive option for patients who are wishing to receive tightening in the neck/jowl area as well as other areas on the body. I do discuss with my patients the fact that results are not immediate, rather they will continual to see improvement 3-6-12 months post-operative. I always encourage a consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to determine the best option of treatment for the patient.


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The so called "laser facelift" is not worth the expense or time. There is no evidence that heating the subdermal layers will shrink the skin or lift the face. If you were happy with your facelift, and now few years later the aging process is catching up, then another facelift is your best well proven method

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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