Most Natural Looking Lip Lift Possible? Modified Lip Lift?

If an incision was made under the collumela that tapered into the nose,NOT to extend under the nostrils, would that lift up the middle portion (cupids bow) area of the lip and reduce some skin between the upper lip and nose and keep the white roll in tact? And adding a vermillion advancement towards the corners of the mouth, wouldn't that help reduce the skin above the lips and enlarge the lips also? These two combined, wouldn't that make for a most natural lip lift? No scars under the nostrils.

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Lip shortening

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The two procedures you described are not new. The incision at the columella lip junction then goes inside the nose then around the nostril may give you a better looking scar than the original bull horn scar.

The vermelion advancement scar has to be so accurate and closed so properly to get a good result.

Most recent article with good results is by Dr. Bahman Guyuron the Chief of Plastic surgery at CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY, CLEVELAND, OHIO

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Lip Lift

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While the procedure you describe avoids the bull horn scar, you would be surprised at how well that scar heals.  The key is to achieve the lip lift you desire while maintaining a natural, balanced appearance, which means having a lip lift that proportionally reduces the amount of redundant skin.  There are techniques that are used to minimize scarring and help you achieve the result you desire.  I would recommend you find a meticulous facial plastic surgeon to help you achieve your goals.

Kimberly Lee, MD
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Lip Lift Incisions

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Any incisions above or along the top of the lip\vermillion border are unacceptable and will definitely be noticable no mater how good the surgery. Incisions under the nostrils also tend to show. Ultimately there is no way to shorten this area and completely hide the surgery. As for lip enlargement again I do not like vermillion advancement or lip advancement, they do not look very natural. I prefer a dermal-fat transplant from the supapubic area into the lips which is permanent. For a temporary fix I like juvederm. You can see examples of dermal-fat lip grafts at our website below.

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