Should I Try to Keep my Face Still or Move It While Tight Scar Tissue is Forming?

I am 17 days post-op following a bullhorn lip lift and my nose feels shrink-wrapped as scar tissue forms. My whole face feels tight and I can't smile very wide or make normal facial expressions without feeling the tension. I've heard that you should massage scars/keep them flexible and I've also heard that scars heal better if you don't move too much during the healing process. I'm afraid that the scar tissue will distort the base of the nose if left unchecked?

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Go ahead and move your face. you can even smile if you'd like!

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Honestly, I don't think it will make too much difference either way since 17 days have passed since the procedure.  I do think you should start on an excellent scar cream and should massage it into the incisions twice daily to achieve the best healing.

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