6 Days Post-op and All Bruising is Faded to Yellow. However I Notice a Purple Bruise Under my Cast?

Had primary rhinoseptoplasty with turbinate reduction and tip definition/ bridge straightening 6 days ago. Went well and healing well. Cast comes off tomorrow. All bruising is yellow now--worse on right side near the worst of the c-curve. From under the cast I can see a deep purple bruise about an inch long running parallel and under the cast that has remained purple. Dr mentioned he had to do some bridge filing. Why might this bruise be in this location and hasn't faded at similar rate?

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Bruising after rhinoplasty

Bruising and swelling are almost always asymmetric.  Don't worry too much about uneven bruising.  Bruising is simply the product of red blood cells being broken down.  The skin on the bridge (dorsum) is very thin relative to say the skin over the nasal tip or cheek.  In order to "file" the bridge he had to lift the skin over it, and in so doing probably broke a few blood vessels (which is completely common and normal).  Ask your Dr. when you follow up if he recommends Arnica.

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Bruising after rhinoplasty

Yes, bruising happens after rhiinoplasty.  The skin is very thin over the dorsum of the nose for most peopel and can be very apparent.  Good luck with the splint removal tomorrow!

Steven Wallach, MD
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Bruising Resolves at Different Rates after a Rhinoplasty

Bruising is the result of collection of blood cells under the skin after surgery.  Overtime, your body will break down the blood cells and cause the bruise to change colors from a dark blue/purple to a lighter purple, to orange, then yellow.  The process can occur at different rates in different locations on the face after a rhinoplasty.  The color differences you are explaining are completely normal, and you will have complete resolution of your bruising overtime. 

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Bruising after rhinoplasty

Bruising after rhinopasty is almost always uneven, the the closer to the skin the more color in the bruise. The discoloration takes three weeks or longer to fade. You will see just what is up when the splint is removed.

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