Can a Naturally Upturned Nose with Exposed Vertical Nostrils & Slightly Bulbous Tip Be Fixed w/o Changing Face Too Much?

I've consulted with a few BH surgeons who told me I had a beautiful and perfect bridge. But in profile my nose is very pointed and you can see far up into my nostrils, esp left side. Tip is bulbous and I use shadow along the sides to lessen the appearance of width. Since I am pleased with my looks and friends tell me they like my nose can it be corrected without changing my appearance as I am very animated? Can vertically exposed nostrils be fixed? The tip refined without making it more pointy?

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Your posted photos are inadequate for a full assessment. Your claim of a bulbous tip, vertical nostrils and a visible left nostril on side view are corroborated by the photos though.

The nostril orientation and tip shape can be altered using tip shaping sutures placed in the tip cartilages. Lowering the outer nostril rim and rotating the tip slightly downward is more complex and the modalities employed would depend on the physical findings that cannot be known from only photos.

From the bend in the columella I suspect you would also benefit from a columella strut graft. I do not see how you can fix all that and that not change your face. Your nose is an integral part of your face.

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dropping down a tip that is raised too much is much more difficult than shortening a nose that is too long.  However, I think Youncould get improvement by reducing the projection of the nose, bringing it closer to your face.  That would also change the shape of you nostrils from vertical to more oval shaped and their size could even be reduced with alar wedge resection.

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Elongating a nose with rhinoplasty

Dear Bonacker,

-Yes the nose can be elongated using cartilage

-The tip can be refined as well without being pointy

-You should see a few rhinoplasty surgeons so they can show you what is possible

Best regards,

Nima Shemirani

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Best Rhinoplasty for Upturned Nose

Hi B,

It appears that you have had a previous rhinoplasty.  You now have excessive columellar show (the center divider of the nose), and alar retraction of the lateral nostril.  Those issues can be corrected as well as refinement of your nasal tip with rhinoplasty.  It is a complex surgical procedure.  Choose your rhinoplasty surgeon most carefully.



Dr, P

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Lengthening the Nose

As with any facial plastic surgery, the goal is to enhance your appearance while still maintaining a natural look.  The length of the nose can be lengthened and the tip softened.  From the base view (looking up into the nose), there is asymmetry of your septum that is visible.  Please consult with a board certified specialist who can best assist you in achieving the results you seek.


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Sort Nose with Bulbous Tip

Your nose can be lengthened, the bulbous tip reduced, and the asymmetry corrected by straightening your septum. An ideal natural result is achieved when the nose is changed so it is proportional to the surrounding facial features.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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