Why can't I open one eye after upper and lower eye surgery? I just had surgery two days ago on my upper and lower eyes.

One eye seems to be normal but my left eye can't open. I had stitches one my upper lids so I couldn't open my eyes fully but the stitch on my left began to hurt my Eye so The doctor removed it today. But my eye still dose not want to open now tears just come out of my eye. Seems to be getting worse Should I be concerned ? All it dose is cry because of the pain I feel inside. Fat from my stomach was removed from my belly and added to my bottom eye lips Could that be causing the Issue?

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You have having an emergency.

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This is not at all normal.  There is a condition called tethered ptosis after surgery where the upper eyelid can't open and can't full close.  It is not clear if this is your condition.  It is the result of internal eyelid sutures that are sewn to the wrong structure.  When you can't move the upper eyelid, it is generally indicative that something is seriously wrong.  The eyelid needs to be surgically explored immediately to determine what is holding the upper eyelid and causing the pain.  Most likely your surgeon will not be able to diagnosis the condition and you may require an immediate oculoplastic consultation. While you might need to see someone in your area immediately, it is also helpful to see a very experienced oculoplastic surgeon whose business is fixing problems with cosmetic blepharoplasty.  John Martin in Coral Gables and William Mack in Tampa come to mind.  Please consider posting again to let us know how things went.

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Why can't I open one eye after upper and lower eye surgery? I just had surgery two days ago on my upper and lower eyes.

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Please seek immediate vision examination from your limited info I have concerns so you need to be seen!

Eye closure problem

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Hello,It's tough to tell what's happening with your eye as there are no photos. It's unusual to have this problem after surgery. The most important issue here is protecting your cornea from dryness. I recommend seeing your surgeon again to reasses your eye.Regards,

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Eye problem after blepharoplasty

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Yes you should be concerned and bring this matter to your surgeon's attention as its not possible to tell you why you can't open one eye since we know nothing about you or the procedure you had or even a picture to review.

Edwin Ishoo, MD
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