I have a film inside along the corner of my left eye after my under eye bag surgery. Will this go away? (photos)

This film insude the corner of my left eye has left me concern after my under eye bag removal. I have ten days since I had my surgery and I am concern this tear like bulge or film will stay. Do you know what this possibly be?

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I have a film inside along the corner of my left eye after my under eye bag surgery. Will this go away?

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An in-office examination by your treating surgeon is strongly recommended and he/she can more accurately diagnose and treat the issue.  More than likely you may have a degree of chemosis, which is swelling of the conjunctiva or lining of the eyeball.  Chemosis typically resolves with eye rest and perhaps some other measures that your surgeon will advise you on.  As always follow his/her instructions closely to resolve the issue.
I hope this helps.

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This is edema of the conjunctiva and is called chemosis.  It can occur after lower lid surgery.  It may be related to interruption of the lymphatic drainage.  Lots of lubrication will help.  I will sometimes add some steroid drops to decrease any inflammation.  It will resolve.  

See your ophthalmologist also for help for this.

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This is chemosis.  It is swelling of the conjunctiva.  Drying of the conjunctiva contributes to the persistence of the chemosis.  The frequent use of artificial tear drops during the day and bland ophthalmic ointment at bedtime relives the dryness to help speed the resolution of the chemosis.  This can take time and the help and input of a board certified ophthalmologist is invaluable.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Yes, this film will go away.  I would suggest seeing your surgeon to have it evaluated.  But it most likely looks like chemosis, which is a swelling on the conjunctiva.  This usually resolves within a few weeks after surgery.


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this can occur after Blepharoplasty and is common. It will go away but takes some time. It may make the eye feel irritated and scratchy. Use plenty of tears for lubrication during the day and eye ointment at night. 

Susan Kaweski, MD
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Thank you for sharing your case and photos.  Your condition is normal after eyelid surgery.  It is called chemosis and will resolve on its own.  Make sure that your surgeon is aware of your condition.  Sometimes, steroid pills or eye drops can help the swelling improve more quickly.  Good luck!

Samuel Baharestani, MD
Long Island Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Chemosis after eyelid surgery

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Dear Patient from California,
The covering of the white part of the eye is known as the conjunctiva. It is usually flat against the white part of the eye. After surgery around the eyes, swelling can occur and fill the space between the white part of the eye (the sclera) and the clear conjunctiva. This is known as Chemosis and is common after surgery. It usually resolves on its own. Speak to your surgeon about their suggestions. Lubrication and sometimes topical steroid can help.
I hope this was helpful. 

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