Is a Peel an option with broken capillaries?

I am 59 and have fair skin. I've had 4 basal cell carcinomas removed with Mohs surgery (none within the last 5 years). I wear sunscreen every day. I have areas of hyperpigmentation on my cheeks. Also, I have broken capillaries in both cheeks. Would a peel, like the Obagi blue peel be an option to address my skintone issues? Or is there another treatment that would be better?

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Peel and Broken Capillaries

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Thank you for your question. A peel would address the pigmentation of your skin but would not help with the broken capillaries. If you are looking to address your pigmentation as well as the red in your skin, you may want to consider an IPL photofacial. If you have severe redness and capillary issues, a Vbeam laser treatment would be a good option for you. I would recommend you get an in person consult with a Dermatologist to go over your options and get the appropriate treatment. 

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Laser or light treatments will be good tratments for both capillaries and hyperpigmentation

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Hello,  thanks for sharing your concerns.  Chemical peels do not improve capillaries, but will help to fade away  the brown spots(hyperpigmentation) . Laser or Light treatments will work for the broken capillaries as well as the brown spots which can be much more effective than chemical peels.  But you may need a few laser or light treatments. BBL from Sciton can treat for both conditions.


Dr. Kevin Belasco, Newport Beach, CA

Kevin T. Belasco, DO
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Chemical Peel with broken capillaries

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Without examining your skin it would be difficult to prescribe the best treatment.  Peels  will not improve your broken capillaries and some peels can make them worse.  If you are dealing with re-occurring skin cancers, years of past sun damage, and hyper-pigmentation issues, you may be a good candidate for a Phenol-Croton Oil Peel or Deep Peel. The blue peel will not correct all of those conditions. The capillaries can the then be easily and successfully treated with a 532 Diolite laser.

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Broken Capillaries

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A chemical peel will help nicely with skin tone and texture but does not address broken capillaries at all.  The V-Beam laser is the gold standard for redness and broken capillaries.  Best, Dr. Green

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