Why Does my Nose Still Crack After a 6 Year Old Injury? What Can Be Done?

I was assaulted when I was 13 years old and was kicked in the nose and bleed alot. At that time I went to the ER but they did not check my nose for injuries. since I was 13 years old I didn't know my nose will be affected know I have a nasal hump and a deviated septum. I always used to bleed know the bleeding has stop. But know I have breathing problems and when I press my nasal bone together I can hear a liquid noise and also a my nose cracks when I press my nasal bone together or push it down.

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6 years after injury

It sounds like you had a nasal fracture at the time of your injury and you should be evaluated by an experienced nose surgeon

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Nasal injury and crooked nose

The crackling sound you described, by pushing your nasal bone, could be due a floating cartilage or bone. After your initial nasal injury, the displaced nasal bone did not heal properly leading to nasal bleed and nasal obstruction. An open septorhinoplasty is the proper procedure for your case. You need to find an expert in rhinoplasty surgeon in your area to help you. Good luck. Dr. Sadati

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Nose "Cracks" 6 Years after Nasal Injury

The cracking you describe is probably secondary to to a fracture of the nasal bones that has never healed. With a septorhinoplasty the fractures can be repaired, the hump removed, the septum straightened and breathing improved. See an experienced specialist who will demonstrate his expertise with multiple examples of results in patients with noses like yours. 

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