Can my Nose Be Reset a Year After Being Broken? (photo)

I hit my nose very hard about a year ago, and it hurt VERY much for about ten minutes. And then, the pain stopped. Ever since, my nose has been growing crooked. It has never been like this, when I look at older photos my nose is straight. What can I do to get it fixed, preferably without plastic surgery? Can it still be reset from that long ago? Thanks!

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Can a Nose be Resest 1 Year after Fracture?

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The good news is that your nse can be straightened. The unfortunate news is that a rhinoplasty will be necessary because the deviation involves the cartilage which cannot simply be reset. It will also be an opportunity to refine your tip if that bothers you.

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Correction of crooked nose

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Yes, it is quite possible and very common to correct a crooked nose months or years after the injury.

See an example on the attached link

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Broken Nose

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Looking at your photos, you would be an great candidate for septorhinoplasty, but this needs surgery and it can't be fixed without an operation.

The deviation you have is likely due to 2 factors:

  1. Boney deformity: This is as a result of a fracture of your nasal bones. To correct this you will need an operation to re-brake the nose and set it in a better position
  2. Septal deviation: Your nose also could be deviated because of malposition of you septum. Yet again this needs surgery to realign the septum back to the middle.

I hope this helps and good luck.

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Nose can be straighten a year after being broken

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It is certainly possible to go in and straighten the nose without performing any cosmetic surgery.  Osteotomies will need to be performed to straighten the nasal bones.  There is also the possibility of needing a spreader graft composed of the patient’s cartilage placed on the left side or the patient’s concaved side.  This will straighten and realign the nasal pyramid back to normal preinjury state and is not considered cosmetic surgery.  If there are any breathing problems, they should be addressed at the same time.

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