Why Does my Medpor Ear Become Exposed? (photo)

I had medpor ear reconstruction done nearly two years ago and during this time, parts of my ear have become exposed. At the end of last year I underwent surgery which was required to cover this exposure, however I have recently realized that the ear has become exposed again at the same place, and another part of the ear is becoming slightly exposed. What is happening? Is this my fault? What should I do? Is there any point undergoing surgery again if this is going to keep happening?

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Exposure of Medpor Ear Framework

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The Medpor ear framework is a synthetic material and it often can become exposed in the thin tissue cover of the ear area. These recurrent exposure problems have nothing to do with what you are doing but is a tissue quality/thickness issue. Ar some point, you will need to consider either covering it with a temporoparietal flap (if this has not already been used) or replacing it with a rib cartilage graft.

Why Does my Medpor Ear Become Exposed?

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I have done Medpor surgery for over 22 years.  Exposure of the Medpor implant after surgery is not common in experienced hands.  It is certainly not your fault.  It is most often caused when surgery is done by a surgeon who has not had a lot of experience with the specific technique that is necessary to keep an exposure from occurring.  

It is possible to correct the problem.  The method depends on how long the exposure has been present and how much of the implant has been exposed.

John F. Reinisch, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Medpor exposure at the top of the ear

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After 2 years I would expect that most of the issues would be resolving. Its probably a lack of blood flow to the area. Options include allowing it to granulate and then place a graft over it. You could also rotate some healthy tissue over it to help with the blood flow.

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

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