My Left Nostril is Larger Than my Right. What Can Be Done?

3rd rhinoplasty.Asymmetrical nostrils, crooked front view, cant breathe from left nostril because of cartilage graft on left side. nose still upturned a bit.What do I do?only option is to go w same Dr. or do nothing.he is a specialist and well known but i am very unhappy with my results BOTH times he performed revisions. should i still trust him?Can this be fixed with or without surgery? Dr mentioned something about injection to dissolve cartilage graft on left side,is this safe/possible?

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My Left Nostril is Larger Than my Right. What Can Be Done?

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Honeslty you should seek a second and third opinion. From your pics there are several problems:

1)You have what appears an inverted V deformity at the cartilagenous - bony junction.

2) Left nasal - septal deviation - possibly from your cartilage graft or just a bad deviation. This is what is making your nostrils asymmetric.

3) What appears to be an internal nasal valve collapse on both sides.

There are no non-surgical procedures that will correct this problem. You will need a revision by a skilled rhinoplasty surgeon.

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Left Nstril Larger than Right

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We previously answered several questions about your nose including how to approach the nostril asymmetry. There is more flare to the left nostril rim which can be decreased with an alar base reduction. It appears that there is a scar at the nostril base.

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