My Face is Long So It Appears That I Have a Long Chin. What Can I Do?

it is ok if i smile but if not my natural face looks sad..

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Long Face Fix

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If your face is "long" and your chin is vertically tall, you might be a candidate for a genioplasty to shorten the vertical height of your chin, thereby reducing the "long" appearance of your face at the same time.  If your chin is not overly tall, but horizontally weak, you might be a candidate for a mentoplasty (chin implant).  Most importantly, photos or (better yet) a good physical examination would help us make most appropriate recommendations.  

Long Face Correction

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You will need to submit photos to get any useful answers. You could potentially benefit from a vertical chin reduction, some type of facelifting procedure or nothing at all. Specific information (age) and smiling and non-smiling photos are needed.

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