Do Very Many Surgeons Know How to Adequately Do Mentopexy or Correct Chin Ptosis? Avg Cost?

Do very many surgeons know how to adequately perform mentopexy or correct chin ptosis? And how much does this procedure on average usually cost?

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Options for correction of chin ptosis

The correction of chin ptosis can be done either through an intraoral or submental (under the chin) approach. Which option is better depends on the degree of chin ptosis that one has. The intraoral approach resuspends the chin tissues back up on the bone and is good for more minor degrees of ptosis. The submental approach removes chin tissues and tightens them from underneath and is best for more significant amounts of chin sagging. Done under IV sedation, one can expect total costs to be in the range of $3,500 to $ 4,000.

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Do Very Many Surgeons Know How to Adequately Do Mentopexy or Correct Chin Ptosis? Avg Cost?

I truly believe that most board certified plastic surgeons are able to address your problem; however,  I would need to, at the very least, see photos and preferably see you in person.  It greatly depends on age, skin elasticity and tone etc.  You may need a mentoplasty, or possibly a chin implant, if it is just skin drooping, or a combination face and neck lift.  A plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic surgery can address this easily for you. 

Jonathan Ross Berman, M.D. , F.A.C.S.

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Chin augmentation

Addressing the correct way to help balance your chin first involves a detailed physical evaluation, including looking at your teeth. Based on your exam, you may then have several options. One option may be using less invasive techniques, such as injectable fillers to finally surgery. Surgery can be performed using a small incision under your chin or an incision inside your mouth.

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