Why Are my Eyes Uneven? Hypertelorism? (photo)

My mom has uneven eyes too, did I get it from her? All my brothers have it too. I'm extremely self conscious about them. I have worn glasses/contacts for about 6 years. I've noticed my eyes starting to get more uneven around age 10-11. My eyes are pretty equal in strength, my right might be a bit weaker. What could have caused this? Am I using my eyes wrong? Any treatments? Is it just the shape of my skull? I heard brain tumors cause hypertelorism..!

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You do not have hypertelorism.

Your eye position (bony socket separation) is normal, but you do have deep-set eyes and heavy facial features. The actual shape of your eyeballs determine your need for glasses/contacts, and are part of every unique person's anatomy and development. Of course there is a genetic component to this, as we can see similar facial features (or need for vision correction) that run in families. (My oldest daughter was unfortunately "blessed" with her father's big nose, and fortunately I was able to perform rhinoplasty and give her a more refined and feminine nose than my own big schnozz.)

You do not require craniofacial surgery, and using your eyes any way at all has no effect here. Wear glasses and contacts that help your vision, and choose styles that flatter your features, but do not worry that you are causing this in any way. In the absence of other symptoms, brain tumor in you, your brothers, and your mother is not even in the "options" list! Do not worry about this. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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Hypertelorism or asymmetry

You do not appear to have hypertelorism, which is horizontal separation of the eye sockets, and thus eyes, greater than average.  You do appear to have a slight asymmetry in the vertical height of your eyes, which is very common. Everyone has some facial asymmetry.  One eye is often a bit higher or lower. This will change as you grow and later as you age.  Rarely, this can be due to improper fusion of the bony sutures, tumor growth, or uneven blood flow due to vascular malformations. 

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