Had Ptosis Surgery Four Years Ago Lid Are Drooping Again Why? Should I Have Another Surgery Will It Last?

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Eyelid ptosis surgery sometimes does need to be repeated

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Eyelid ptosis surgery is usually performed by suturing the aponeurosis of the levator muscle to the tarsal plate.  Sometimes a patient's tissue is so relaxed and so poor that recurrence can occur.  This is more likely to happen if someone has dry eyes and is constantly blinking a lot to force the eyes to close, and this forces breakdown of the repair.  All of these aspects of the problem have to be evaluated before repeat ptosis surgery is done.  It is important that your surgeon be board-certified and have experience with this type of eyelid surgery.

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Without and exam or seeing pictures it’s hard to tell what happened. A few things might have happened you surgeon wasn’t aggressive, everyone ages different. There are people that have lift’s done a few times in their life, it depends on how much it bothers you. You should see a PS to give you some of your options.



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Droopy eyelid

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A photo is necessary. Droopy eyelid surgery is loosely applied to either mean ptosis surgery (muscle tightening to lift the eyelid) or upper blepharoplasty (skin removal), or both.  It is possible you had one and not the other.  It is also possible that brow droopiness can give an illusion of droopy eyelid.  Ptosis, itself, can also worsen with time.  In summary, there could be a variety of factors and it is impossible to tell without a photo or examination. See an oculoplastic surgeon.

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