Why Do my Eyes Burn and Tear 3 Months After the Surgery?

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Eyes Burn and Tear 3 months after Surgery?

 Thank you for the question.

It is unclear to me exactly what procedure you have had performed. Nevertheless, your symptoms are not normal after any type of surgery;  you should be evaluated by your surgeon for good diagnosis and treatment.

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Burning and Tearing Eyes 3 months after surgery

Your one line question provides insufficient information to allow a cogent answer. Assuming you had an eyelid surgery such symptoms are commonly caused by an insufficient durable tear lubrication of the eye ball. This can be cursed either by insufficient production, uneven dispersal across the eye or even a blocked tear duct. If your surgeon cannot help you Maureen an official evaluation by an ophthalmologist.  

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Excessive tearing

Excessive tearing and burning of the eyes after eye lid surgery may indicate dry eye syndrome. Consult an ophthalmologist for work up for dry eye syndrome. Cosult also your plastic surgeon.

There are other causes of excessive tearing and burning after eye lid surgery. Do the eyes close completely? are the lower lids in the right position?

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