How Do the Stitches on Your Ear Look After Auricular Cartilage Grafting . Does Fascia Grafting Leave a Scar on Your Head?

I am concerned about how will the stitches and scars on my ear and head look after this procedures. I would deeply appreciate some help by sending me some pictures. I am a dance student and usually my hair is pulled behind my ears on a ballet bun. I worry that my teacher and co students will be able to notice the scars left from these two types of grafting. Please let me know and provie me with some pics as this is truly important for me Could these be treated with Fraxel and how long after?

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Ear cartilage grafting and fascial grafting and being noticeable

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The scars for the ear cartilage usually, and most of the time, can be done behind the ear. The fascia graft can be taken from the same area but sometimes it is done above the ear within the hair. So both can be hidden and not visible to people!

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Ear grafting scars and fascia grafting scars

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I would say that you have very little to worry about, especially the fascia grafting site.  However, I see you're from Greece, correct?  You do have some very small chance of scarring with the otoplasty incision since you are of Mediterranean decent, but this is minimal.  My entire practice is non-Caucasian and I've never had a problem but I do tell my patient's there is a chance.  The video below shows how the cartilage is harvested and what it looks like after.  You'll do great.

Chase Lay, MD

Chase Lay, MD
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Auricular cartilage grafting.

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I assume you are referring to ear cartilage grafting for rhinoplasty.  Ear catilage is commonly used in certain rhinoplasty or revision rhinoplasty procedures. The scars are generally hard to see after full healing.  The ear shape generally is unaltered by the procedure.   The graft can be taken from an incision behind the ear or from the front within the conchal bowl.  I generally harvest from an anterior approach and find the scars to be minimal. Temporalis Fascia grafting is taken from a small incision in the scalp. Generally scars from this procedure are hard to detect.

Philip Solomon, MD, FRCS
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon
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