Can my Ears Be Made Shorter and Moved Higher on my Head? (photo)

My ears are somewhat long and low on my head, giving me a droopy, tired appearance. Is it possible to make my ears shorter and higher to give me a more alert and aggressive look?

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Questions about ear shape

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Your ears appear to be relatively normal in appearance and I would not suggest any surgical correction.  I believe you would be disappointed with any degree of correction

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Ears Moved on Head

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   Ears cannot be moved up or down on the head.  Ears can be pinned back or made smaller.  Kenneth Hughes, MD ear pinning otoplasty Los Angeles, CA

Can ears be moved to another position?

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Ears are attached to the head, and while large ears can be made smaller, protruding ears made less protrusive, asymetrical ears made more even.....ears really are not made to move up, down, or to a different position. The real goal is to help ears blend in with the head & face, and not call attention to themselves.  Ears that are outside what the "minds eye" sees as too different will become noticeable. Or ears that are too small or seemingly absent do the same.     It would be rare to hear  "My, you have the most BEAUTIFUL ears!".    So keep in mind ears are not so much for added attractiveness, but to compliment other more attractive parts of the face by being harmonious. 

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The ears can be moved closer to the head but not move up on the head. Shortening the ears vertically can leave unsightly scars.

Stuart H. Bentkover, MD
Boston Facial Plastic Surgeon

Ears made shorter

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Can ears be made shorter? The answer is ears can be made smaller but not moved up or down on the head

James Motlagh, MD
Tyler Plastic Surgeon

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